Presentations and Posters


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  • Kamoske AG, Dahlin KM, Stark SC, and Serbin SP. 2018. Leaf area density from airborne LiDAR: Comparing sensors and resolutions in a forest ecosystem. ForestSat, College Park, MD. You can view the poster here.

  • Dahlin KM, Kamoske AG, Serbin SP, and Stark SC. 2018. Within-canopy leaf functional traits from airborne remote sensing. Ecological Society of America Fall Meeting, New Orleans, LA. You can view the presentation here.

  • Dahlin, K.M., Kamoske, A.G., Stark, S.C., Serbin, S.P., 2018. Ecosystems in four dimensions. National Science Foundation Macrosystems Biology Meeting, Washington D.C. You can view the poster here.

  • Kasmerchak C, Nyland K, Kamoske AG, Breeze V, Bomber M, and Schaetzle R. 2018. Silty sand eolian sediment in the lee of large dunes in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Geological Society of America North-Central Annual Meeting, Ames, IA.

  • Twardochleb L, Read Q, Zarnetske P, Hitner E, Dahlin K, and Kamoske AG. 2018. Scaling relationships between freshwater insect diversity and the terrestrial environment. Society of Freshwater Science Annual Meeting, Detroit, MI.


  • Kamoske AG. 2017. Ecological remote sensing: Using computers to ask questions about our planet. Spatial and Community Ecology Lab Presentation for the Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program at Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.

  • Kamoske AG. 2017. From leaf to landscape: Ecological remote sensing of forest function and structure. Department of Geography Colloquium Presentation, East Lansing, MI.


  • Dahlin KM, Swenson SC, Lombardozzi D, and Kamoske AG. 2016. Seasonality of semi-arid and savanna-type ecosystems in an Earth system model. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA. You can view the abstract here.